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A Certified Digital Marketing Agency That Delivers Results

When businesses consider hiring full-time staff to handle functions like digital marketing, the cost can be expensive and the search for those with knowledge and experience all the more challenging. If a business can afford a mid- or senior-level marketing employee, the cost of benefits, software licensing and training expenses can be prohibitive.

By comparison, certified digital marketing agency resources don’t require a full-time salary and don’t come with the additional expenses of salaried employees, not to mention you can fire them anytime.

When choosing a digital agency partner it’s important to determine the capabilities that are important to your business.  Inbound and content marketing agencies come in all shapes and sizes, with different specialties and talents. But there are core values and skill sets that make some better than others. Choose the right partner.

 The 5 Most Important Values To Consider


When Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency Are:


1. Offers Comprehensive Digital Services

The first core service is generating website traffic through SEO, blogging, social media and email marketing. Second, develop the premium content needed to capitalize on traffic by building landing pages and managing online lead generation efforts. Third, the ability to construct targeted lead-nurturing campaigns aimed at converting leads to customers. And finally, iterate and improve, analysis and measurement at every step in the process.

2. Presents a clearly defined delivery process

Hire an agency with a solid, proven and logical plan of attack. There should be an outlined methodology that specifically indicates every step in the process, the purpose each step serves and why the entire process is compromised absent one or more steps.

3. Conducts Goal-Oriented Methodology

A digital marketing agency should be tailored to your business specific challenges and goals. NEVER accept a digital marketer that offers strategic planning without first conducting comprehensive, needs analysis and goal determination specific to your business. These are the essential pre-requisites for strategic plan development. Reject the agency that does anything less.

4. Possesses strong project management skills

Inbound marketing is a serious production and the agency you hire should specialize, not generalize. In-depth, real-world, hands-on technical as well as digital marketing specific experience defines a Specialist. An agency that brag’s full-service, one-stop shopping is a generalist, not a Specialist. Generalists often deliver less than promised, make unnecessary or unwarranted recommendations and typically don’t manage ROI objectives with digital performance automation technology or corresponding best practices. You get far more for your money when engaging Specialists.

5. Places a strong emphasis on measurement using marketing automation performance management tools

Agencies that measure every aspect of digital campaigns will help you succeed faster. Technology is required for performance management. Confirm which technologies are their highest proficiency and competency, which they’ve contracted in partnership and plan to use on your behalf when managing digital channel performance.

d.Mark consulting LLC is that Certified Digital Marketing Performance Management Agency who meets all 5 aforementioned requirements.  Core competencies include Digital Marketing Strategic Planning and Cross-Channel Performance Management, Social Media, Mobile – Email –and Content Marketing, Online Advertising, Website Optimization, SEO and Website Visitor Tracking that gathers Sales Intelligence and Lead Generation through utilization of marketing automation software.

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What People Are Saying



Thomas & Betts, A Member of the ABB Group
Cheri Simonet constantly amazes me with industry insight, perspective, strong work ethic and unparalleled analytic and problem solving skills.

Give d.Mark the really challenging tasks – the ones that everyone else is struggling with – and they’ll get them done. Besides being a joy to work with, Cheri’s a take-charge person who’s able to present creative solutions to complex problems and communicate the benefits to our company.

With Cheri Simonet as the lead, d.Mark consulting is certainly going places.

- Doug Ales

Advertising & Marketing Professional, Writer

Cheri is an “impresario” of the digital experience — online, mobile, search, social, other content. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her expertise comprehensive. She can help publishers to develop compelling content. She can assist media entities to continue the story and develop properties for sale, and she can guide businesses to create ways of interaction that translate to sales. And somehow she makes it fun and rewarding at the same time. Bravo!

- Tori Grant-Welhouse

Former Executive Director, Military Avenue Business District

dMark provided our organization with the highest levels of innovation and customer service. As a new non-profit on a very tight budget, Cheri was able to tailor a digital marketing plan that took into account the specific requirements of our operations plan and budget requirements. dMark also provided exceptional customer service in working with our board to coordinate our digital marketing efforts. Cheri volunteered many hours of her personal time to work with our organization and support the needs of individual businesses in our business improvement district. Her efforts to create a digital marketing package to support our organization’s needs were outstanding in every way.

- Daniel Perron

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Marketing automation software is an immensely powerful tool that can augment marketing efforts exponentially, but it does require highly trained expertise to realize its full potential.

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