d.Mark consulting LLC | 2014 October

October 2014

Toilet Ads?

Whose Idea Was Public Restroom Ads? The marketing world has become so desperate that no place is off limits for marketing messages   We’re force fed advertising messages on a daily basis ad nauseam. Billboards along a highly trafficked highway will be viewed (theoretically) by…

Un-Optimized Is Un-Acceptable

Website content was once nothing more than a company’s digital billboard – saving the expensive production cost of full color glossy brochures. You remember those – received (usually unsolicited) and then tossing them in the garbage – sometimes as the sales rep was crossing the lobby…

You’re NOT Special

So You’re Liked – You’re Favorited – You’re Followed.   How very SPECIAL you are…   NOT! In case you haven’t heard, the social media metric of “Liked”, “Favorited” and “Followed” is no longer relevant. Truth be told it probably never was but social was…

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