d.Mark consulting LLC | 2014 November

November 2014

Event Social Strategy – Be In The NOW!

I attended a great event last week – the Manufacturing Awards of Distinction hosted by Advance Economic Development. The key takeaway from the evening:   Manufacturers are increasingly looking toward millennials to fill current staffing needs and gear up for the projected wave of Baby…

SEO IS Marketing

As a marketer or business owner why should you care about search engine optimization (SEO) and your ranking in search engines? Because if you’re not ranked high your customers and prospective customers can’t find you so what’s the point in having a website and spending…

Humans Need Not Apply

The digital sphere is all about sharing – compelling, creative, informative, relevant and useful content. Humans Need Not Apply, posted in August by CGP Grey, racked up more than a million views within days of posting. Featured as AdAge’s Video of the Week by The Media Guy,…

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