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Didn’t Sign Up For Your Email, Did I?

This week of Thanksgiving I’m reflecting on a number of things I’m thankful for both personally and professionally. On the latter, receiving NO unsolicited emails is something I’d really love to BE thankful for if ever it’d happen.

With 200+ messages received each day I spend hours skimming to identify those that are time sensitive or business critical. Yes, I subscribe to dozens of industry blogs, newsletters and white papers which contribute to that daily total. But I also receive dozens of unsolicited messages.

Just because I subscribe to your blog doesn’t mean I’m interested in receiving your coworker’s blog.


On the flip side, I’m thankful that junk mail via snail mail seems to be subsiding in my postal box but my e-box has more than made up the difference. Sure, I can UNSUBSCRIBE. Now there’s something to be thankful for! And, we have government to thank for that. The CAN-SPAM Act. Go figure.

So I have a request that I hope makes the rounds to those sending unsolicited email to my inbox:


I’d be truly thankful if you gave me some common courtesy in your correspondence and follow these very simple rules before mailing me something I didn’t ask to receive


RULE #1 for sending me an email I didn’t ask for

If you’re asking me to do business with you, it’s customary to provide your business name and website. Case in point: 


I hope you are having a great day!

5 Reasons Why reliable B2B Strategic Outsourcing Partners across the globe are important: 

• Cost cutting

• Time Saving

• Quick Output

• Extended Support

• Streamlined Processes

Benefits that we can contribute for your business:

• A Full service, one stop web solutions provider – Design & Development

• World class infrastructure, latest tools and technologies

• 100% IP protection assurance

• Fixed Monthly Fee

• Full Control on Resources

• Dedicated Team & Time

Do let me know if you are interested and I would be happy to share our client Testimonials, past work details and Methodologies.

Our objective is to ensure client satisfaction with long term business association.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Marketing Manager

Email me


No company name, no website. This guy’s email address started with his first name followed by .marketingmanager@gmail.com


So does anyone seriously consider working with a business who doesn’t put their company name in the email, and their corporate email account is @Gmail? Someone needs to let this guy know that Google Business Accounts are highly affordable – sometimes free depending on your needs.

RULE #2 for sending me an email I didn’t ask for

If you don’t know my name at least know my gender. Or, don’t mention it at all.

Even though my photo can be found on d.Mark social channels and clearly identifies me as being of the female persuasion, this person didn’t take time to ascertain that before composing the salutation. The message doesn’t improve from there with verbiage misuse, grammatical errors, most words in the sentence capped and every sentence ends..!!  Have a read yourself and keep in mind the numerous errors aren’t typos – it’s how the message was received.

Hello Sir/Madam:

I Hope you are well!!

I’m [SEO Consultant]

1. We Have New Business Increase Offer This Season For You..!!

2. Search Engines Optimizations (SEO)…!!

3. Social Media Optimizations (SMO)…!!

4. Top Rank On Search Engines Then You Can Find More Customers And Clients..!!

5. We Have 150 Directory Submissions++ Social Bookmaking Submissions and Keyword density in site content..!!

6. Link Building Services and Keyword Analysis Report and Better Keyword Researching Services..!!

7. We will analysis your website and send full SEO proposal with plan and activities which will be implemented on your website..!!

8. We Optimize Your Domain Name Which You Want to Optimize..!!

9. We Will Help To Increase You Website Top Position On Google In Only Few Months..!! 

Do let me know if you are willing to discuss About SEO to grow up your business so I can send you more details on the packages/action/Portfolio/past work details and full Proposal.

I will wait your positive response.

Thanks & Regards, 


Again, no company name or website. She did include her name in the signature but must have forgot who she was at the message start when saying I’m [SEO Consultant]. Are these solicitations for real or is someone messing with me?

RULE #3 for sending me an email I didn’t ask for

If you don’t know my company name best to not mention it at all. 


Hi Cheri,

I’ve been doing some research on (company name) to determine if there is a need for Marketing automation system which could help you:

•  Identify and monitor people visiting your website

•  Increase email marketing and sales conversions by 400%

•  Generate leads and create lead nurturing campaigns

Could you please help me by pointing me to the best person for a brief discussion?



Now I have to admit, this one wasn’t all that bad. The signature did include a full name of the sender, he had a professional email address and the website was disclosed. He simply overlooked adding my company name into the template. Things happen – it’s embarrassing. When it comes to email messaging we’ve all slipped on a detail from time to time.

Problem with this message is had he taken a look at my website like he claims to have done, he’d know not to pitch me. Yes, I know the value of marketing automation, lead generation, lead nurturing and email marketing because



So why are you pitching to someone who’s your competitor? And this guy’s title was CEO and Founder of that company. He definitely needs to hire a Sales Manager to help with sales strategy.

So that’s it. Three simple rules that boil down to:


1.  Know my name, gender and what my company does

2.  If you’re asking for my business – tell me the name of your business and website

3.  Don’t pitch me if you’re my competitor


If your company has an email marketing campaign underway or are considering getting one underway, please make sure these basic principles are followed (especially if you’re emailing me) and above all TEST the message before sending it out so you can catch and correct errors.  First and foremost – NOTHING should go out without first being tested.

Extend these basic courtesies to me on the next message I didn’t ask to receive, and I’ll be ever so Thankful.


And, if ever your company needs assistance with email marketing, I’d also be very Thankful for the opportunity to help in any way I can..!!


Wishing you and yours a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Digital Marketing Performance Agency | d.Mark consulting LLC | Happy Thanksgiving


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