d.Mark consulting LLC | 2014 December

December 2014

Digital Age Of Infobesity

We live in the Age of Infobesity. There’s no shortage of information – some accurate, some grossly inaccurate. Not everything you read online is true (but, for what this author writes). It’s been said that getting information off the internet is like taking a drink…

7 Deadly Sins Of Social Media

Tom Fishburne’s genius, insightful cartoon 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing  is the inspiration for this week’s post. So let’s explore which deadly sins your business has succumbed to. 1. LUST Let’s pay for followers to pretend to like our brand. You can do that –…

Marketing Automation 101

Revenue Management First things first. A reputable, experienced digital agency will ask these questions before proposing a marketing automation solution for your company:   •  How does a digital (online) presence play a role in achieving your company’s revenue goals? •  How does your digital channels generate qualified…

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