d.Mark consulting LLC | 2015 January

January 2015

Secret To Getting Your Email Read

I just received a report from my email provider that I sent 1,352 emails from August thru December 2014. In that same time-frame I received in excess of 10,100 messages!   That’s just the last 5 months of 2014! Needless to say a substantial number…

Killer Calls To Action

If you were to yell FIRE in a room filled with people, that’s a CALL that would get some pretty serious ACTION. And, all in one word. I’m guessing (totally guessing) that’s what inspired the phrase Killer Call to Action. If you didn’t show ACTION to…

MYTH: Ad Agencies Embrace Digital Tactics

Online wisdom dictates that PR and marketing professionals take full advantage of social media, owned content, native advertising and other industry tactics. The reality is PR practitioners aren’t using all the online tools they have at their disposal. The State of Public Relations 2014 Vocus…

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