d.Mark consulting LLC | 2015 February

February 2015

Content IS Currency

If you haven’t heard the saying “Content is King” then you’re not hanging out in the digital sphere. Every industry article touches on content marketing in some form or fashion.  It’s the buzzword of the day.  Whether the topic is SEO, Social, Mobile or Email…

SEO – Keep Up Or Get Out

Its human nature to LOVE and EMBRACE change, right? Not really, at least not for most of us. And the ongoing changes inherent with SEO hardly elicits enthusiasm from those in the digital industry, unless of course you’re one of the geeks coming up with…

Engagement Marketing

Are blogs considered social media? ABSOLUTELY. Content that’s on a network that allows (and encourages) interaction with the reader constitutes being social. At d.Mark we consider blogging to be the number one social engagement, committed to accomplishing a strong audience with that platform as primary foundation….

Social Media Success Formula

With the proliferation of social media many businesses today have a sense of urgency to engage with every platform. The majority implement a presence on channels without due diligence of who their audience actually is, and how to best reach them.  On average businesses spread themselves…

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