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Are blogs considered social media? ABSOLUTELY. Content that’s on a network that allows (and encourages) interaction with the reader constitutes being social. At d.Mark we consider blogging to be the number one social engagement, committed to accomplishing a strong audience with that platform as primary foundation.

As mentioned in last week’s post, Social Media Success Formula, there’s overwhelming evidence its best practice to follow the standard formula of focusing on one core social media to grow a loyal audience over time before adding channels.

That doesn’t mean if your company pursues blogging as its primary engagement you shouldn’t establish other social channels to claim your company name but for d.Mark those networks serve the purpose of supporting the goal — generating more blog subscribers.

Along with curated content from industry thought leaders, our social channels serve as platforms for sharing the weekly blog. The digital footprint d.Mark’s created works toward achieving our defined goal. And, the footprint’s working.  Blog subscribers have increased 3 fold in 2 months’ time. For the time being, blogging engages our audience the best of all our options – evidenced by the fact that you’re still reading this (Thank You!)

But as with any social channel the same principals apply – share relevant, outstanding content that’s of use to those you’re engaging. I’ve written on numerous occasions the importance of not using social media as merely the forum to push out coupons and special offers. Social is not the place for push marketing, it’s the place for engagement marketing. Reference 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media


Facebook’s ever changing algorithms is one reason for choosing blogging as primary engagement. According to Marketo’s recent infographic The End of the Facebook Free-For-All there’s 3x more email addresses than Facebook and Twitter accounts combined, on average only 2% of posts are seen by fans and .073% of top brands’ fans interact with posts. Meanwhile email has 90% delivery rate. The math speaks for itself.


Digital Marketing Performance Agency | d.Mark consulting LLC | Engagement MarketingBut to engage with potential subscribers a “Subscribe Here” button on your blog page isn’t enough alone. Subscription buttons should be visible in a prominent place, ideally above the fold, on the highest trafficked pages of your site. And, there should be a compelling call to action that conveys a reason to subscribe otherwise why would someone offer up their contact information? Tell visitors what they’ll get in their inbox and why it’s worth subscribing.

There Has To Be A Value Proposition

WordStream had a great example of value proposition <i.e. benefit> demonstrated in a CTA A/B test:

Digital Marketing Performance Agency | d.Mark consulting LLC | Engagement Marketing Digital Marketing Performance Agency | d.Mark consulting LLC | Engagement Marketing


The winning CTA is B. It was written by BoostCTR writer “deaders,” and it increased CTR by 176%. Where the original ad was producing 1 click, the new ad produced 2.76 clicks.

The benefits are clearly stated in B, and with the precise language “Reliable” and “Easy”. The benefit of “Blows 2500 lb/hour” demonstrates the power.

Ad-A does nothing more than repeat the headline. No benefit mentioned. No CTA. WordStream’s example also drives home the importance of A/B testing in your marketing schema.

Marketing is no longer an art,

but thanks to digital it’s become Art AND Science

To increase blog readers, look at your highest trafficked pages and place the subscribe CTA – A on half those pages with B on the other half. See which performs better over a period of time and determine the winner. But once you’ve placed the CTA winner throughout your site, be mindful A/B testing isn’t a onetime thing. Continually analyze performance and adjust creative when indicated, conducting another A/B test to confirm what performs best.

d.Mark’s blog has the mission of


Providing Actionable, Easily Executed Digital Marketing Tips


The benefit is stated. So d.Mark has set the Goal of gaining subscribers and conveyed the Mission (value proposition) to achieve it.


To ensure success, establish both a goal and mission for your social engagement – not just one or the other.  If you want to convert site visitors to subscribers there has to be a strong CTA that conveys there’s something in it for them. Engagement marketing requires a value proposition.

In the digital sphere, no matter the network, engagement is about electronic communication that comes across personal, is well timed and relevant to further the relationship thereby increasing conversions. And, that’s what every business is all about. Converting potential customers into actual customers, and then furthering the relationship so there’s high retention and low attrition. And, in a perfect marketing world, those conversions evolve into an ambassador relationship for your brand.

What’s made your blog successful?


Be social – share your tips and ENGAGE!  Ready to learn more about Engagement Marketing?


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Digital Marketing Performance Agency | d.Mark consulting LLC | 10 Tips For Creating Engaging Social Content


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