d.Mark consulting LLC | 2015 March

March 2015

Digital Body Language – Email Marketing

For Email Marketing to be successful it must more than inform – it MUST engage We receive countless emails everyday – some are welcome, many more are not. All have the same theme – providing information. But providing information shouldn’t be the number one goal of…

Retargeting Ads – Don’t Cyber Stalk Me!

Although I recognize the immense value of retargeting and behavioral marketing, I can’t help but feel from time to time that I’m being cyber stalked. Just because I visit your website once doesn’t give you permission to stalk me throughout the web, mobile, Facebook or…

Social Media: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

As a digital marketer with nearing 20 years experience, I’ve grown concerned over those in the industry that proclaim themselves “Expert”. There are areas of expertise, yes, but actual “experts” in the digital arena are few and far between. The digital ecosystem changes continually. It’s not humanly possible…

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