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April 2015

Online Tracking That Cramps My Style

Data Driven Marketers Are Watching You – Part 2   We all like personalization. It’s the culture we live in and what we’ve come to expect – yet overall consumers don’t appreciate reminders that their digital behavior is being tracked. We’re aware of it. Most…

Data-Driven Marketers Are Watching You

Given the inundation of an average 300-700 marketing messages consumers receive each day, it’s shocking that marketing as a business function really only emerged little more than 100 years ago. It’s true. Compared to other business areas of the economy, marketing is a rather young discipline…

Website ROI – Analytics REQUIRED

Thanks to reporting tools – today more than ever – raw data can be mined validating monies are well spent (or not) on digital marketing efforts. The cornerstone of judging and managing digital performance is largely based on analytics and tracking technology. It’s simply impossible to measure…

5 Email Marketing Mistakes That Make Me Cringe

So you have a digital marketing strategy which includes an e-newsletter. Great! Aside from tracking the number of times a message is opened, how is content engagement measured? Is the message static and not at all interactive, marginally interactive or dynamic? I’m surprised by the…

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