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d.Mark's newly designed website delivers Digital Marketing Resources throughout the channel at NO-cost. More downloads found in their Resource Library
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FREE Digital Marketing Resources

Websites in the 90’s largely comprised language, messaging and even images found in the company’s print marketing brochures. Businesses didn’t differentiate offline marketing from online instead replicating traditional media into digital billboards. Although common practice at the time, 25 years later that strategy just doesn’t cut it. Website owners that understand this are few in number. Why don’t more businesses and marketers get it? Do they need to be hit over the head with a brick to understand we, the audience, want and expect more than digital billboards from websites we visit?


Consumers have developed an insatiable demand for online content. If content’s of value it’ll drive demand for your product or service. Digital content should NOT be an overt “pitch” of products or services or tout the brand for the brand’s sake. Instead create engaging content that’s not about you but about solutions your audience is looking for.


With that in mind d.Mark’s excited to announce our newly designed website where throughout the channel you’ll find FREE Digital Marketing Resources available for download.


In particular, d.Mark Resource Library is dedicated to sharing knowledge with marketers, partners and business owners who seek digital competency and solutions. But don’t just take my word for it – select any digital marketing topic and see for yourself

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Unlike websites of the 90’s, d.Mark’s online channel is much more than a digital billboard. It’s interactive and delivers content of context which informs, educates and with a little luck our blog also provides a measure of entertainment to boot.


Our fresh new look and design was developed with your digital marketing needs and business challenges in mind. Feedback on our site is greatly appreciated as well as any suggested improvements so that d.Mark comes to be your primary digital marketing resource.


And remember – continually scrutinize your own digital channel content.


What value does your website provide that won’t be found on the competitors site? Is content anything more than company history and product/service listing with generic “Call Us Today” as motivation to engage? The latter strategy won’t work. But inform, educate or entertain with compelling, valuable, magnetic content of context that visitors won’t find anywhere else and you’ll earn trust and respect then followed by their business. Don’t focus website content solely on company history, employee pictures and list of what you want people to buy. The site has to deliver value in some form or fashion otherwise the average visitor will leave your site for the competitor’s. As with anything – you’ll get out of it what you put into it. Dedicate time, budget and qualified resources to developing outstanding website content and the payback could be exponential.  


People want to be informed, educated and entertained. These days those wants are primarily fulfilled online. Traditional offline channels are no longer the primary source but your website is. Don’t re-purpose talking points from marketing brochures and create a throwback digital billboard website from the 90’s. It’s ineffective, outdated and lazy.


Website visitors today – especially those that discover you by search – have high expectations of what they’ll find on your site. Don’t disappoint them.



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