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d.Mark consulting is a Certified Digital Marketing Agency for Social -Mobile -Email -and Content Marketing, SEO, Online Advertising & Web Optimization
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d.Mark consulting LLC formed in 2014 as a Certified Digital Performance Marketing Agency that’s core competencies include Digital Marketing Strategic Planning and Cross-Channel Performance Management, Social Media, Mobile -Email -and Content Marketing, Online Advertising, Website optimization, SEO and Website Visitor Tracking that gathers Sales Intelligence and Lead Generation through utilization of marketing automation software.

Well versed in numerous marketing automation platforms, d.Mark is one of the first five Act-On Agency Partners in the State of Wisconsin and holds inbound marketing certification with HubSpot.

                               About d.Mark consulting LLC | Digital Marketing Performance Agency | Act-On Agency Partner              About d.Mark consulting LLC | Digital Marketing Performance Agency | HubSpot Certified



So what does that mean for you?

When you partner with us, we cut through clutter and help you find the best solution for your marketing needs. You’d be surprised what you’re wasting money on and putting time into that you’ll never see ROI. Let’s get a game-plan that works.

d.Mark’s GOAL

Maximize online performance and achieve greater ROI for its business partner’s digital marketing efforts


Want to know who we are and why we’re being talked about? Cheri Simonet is…



About d.Mark consulting LLC | Digital Marketing Performance Agency | Cheri Simonet, Principal OwnerPrincipal Owner of d.Mark consulting LLC, with over 20 years sales and marketing experience, interfacing 15 years web design, development and e-business oversight in combination with ad operations and online advertising sales management. Cheri is considered an industry thought leader, is a sought after speaker and facilitates several digital marketing workshops throughout the year.

Proficient in all advertising formats Cheri has 10 years media-specific experience, including news/magazine print and broadcast television/radio and has directed ad operations and digital media sales training at Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers – Green Bay Press-Gazette / Door County Advocate and WLUK-TV/FOX 11 

About d.Mark consulting LLC | Digital Marketing Performance Agency


Her weekly blog has gained national recognition publishing on numerous networks and LinkedIn Forums including SMB Madison, eConsultancy Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing Consultancy and Advertising Age. Cheri was most recently added to the World Contributors list of The Daily Journalist.

Contact us for a NO-cost, NO-obligation Digital Performance Assessment and SEO report of your company website page | 920.265.2632 

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