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Content Marketing

Content Is Online Currency

It’s Simple, Really.



The ultimate goal is attract new audiences, drive traffic, and generate conversions. Content Marketing is a strategy for overall growth, and an essential in achieving online goals. A key component is knowing your buyer. The more you know, the better you can shape your site to serve up targeted messages and tailored offers that invite anonymous website visitors to become known prospects.  

Prior to content development a thorough keyword analysis should occur to ascertain best language used for your target audience.  Content should build around keyword analysis and target audience personas. Once content goes live, monitor performance on an ongoing basis – at the very least monthly. Content is no longer art alone, but art AND science.

For best corss-channel concert, digital content should always align with offline (outbound) marketing. From site content and blog posts to YouTube videos, content marketing enables your brand to promote messages and introduce new consumers to all the products and services your business offers. 

Every content marketing strategic plan should include SEO. Google Panda and Penguin are algorithm updates that keep low quality, low content sites away from top ranking results to protect the value of websites with true and high quality content. 

Content has become the most significant element in determining the ability to attract searchers to your site. As a result, websites with quality content written for highly targeted audiences are the ones that attain the highest rankings.

I’m sure this isn’t you, but more often than not businesses slap content online with a few keywords in mind but disregard the need to maintain content on a regular basis.


Content marketing is

•  An ongoing initiative, not a one-time effort

•  Focused on customer’s needs, not company’s product or service

•  Not solely entertaining, but also educational 



d.Mark observes the following best practices when developing content marketing strategies for our business partners


1.  Site History Traffic Report Analysis

2.  Keyword Research

3.  Buyer Persona Creation

4.  Identify The Right Content Formula Based on Persona(s)

5.  Create an Editorial Calendar

6.  Get Maximum Mileage Out of Your Content – Convert Every Piece of Content to an additional 3 pieces

7.  Establish Measurement Benchmarks

8.  Develop a Process for Measuring and Reporting


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Content Marketing | Digital Marketing Agency | d.Mark consulting LLC Content Marketing | Digital Marketing Agency | d.Mark consulting LLC | Creating A Content Marketing Strategy Content Marketing | Digital Marketing Agency | d.Mark consulting LLC | 10 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Content




Creating Buyer Personas 4 Steps To Develop A Content Plan



Content Marketing | Digital Marketing Agency | d.Mark consulting LLC | Creating  Buyer Personas Content Marketing | Digital Marketing Agency | d.Mark consulting LLC | 4 Steps To Develop A Content Plan



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