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d.Mark eMail marketing solutions are custom campaigns, companion forms & landing pages developed & optimized thru use of marketing automation software
Email Marketing

Right Message – Right Person – Right Time


Maximize Email Marketing Efforts In The New Millennium


Email marketing in the old days was a shotgun approach – send the same message to ALL but sending blanket emails in the hopes it’ll resonate with a few is no longer feasible. In fact, that’s lazy marketing.  One dimension, push marketing methods are reserved for traditional media. Don’t make the common mistake that most businesses do by using one size fits all, old-school tactics for your email campaigns. Create interactive and trackable content so the reader’s behavior is measurable and drives not only website traffic but direction for future digital strategies. 


So your business already has a digital marketing strategy that includes an email campaign newsletter? GREAT!

How does it perform?



•  Is content engagement measured?

•  Is the message marginally interactive, dynamic or neither?

•  Was the email message read?

•  Do your emails motivate visits to the website?

•  Is their ROI?

Most businesses can’t answer, can you?

Email Marketing | Digital Marketing Performance Agency | d.Mark consulting LLC

The email engine behind your email marketing efforts should be intuitive, powerful, robust and the hardest working marketing tool at your disposal. But most importantly each and every email campaign should focus on delivering the right message to the right person and at the right time.  


Segment your email distribution list based on expressed interest, website behavior and overall interaction with your brand – both on and offline. With marketing automation it’s easy to operationalize email, create and deploy campaigns and stay in touch with buyers at every stage of the customer lifecycle.


But don’t stop at segmentation. Develop custom email campaigns with companion web forms and website landing pages to drive engagement back to your brand’s digital channels.

d.Mark’s email marketing methodology:

•  Test

•  Deploy

•  Measure

•  Target

•  Personalize

•  Trigger

•  Nuture

•  Score

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