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Viewability Is Online Digital Currency


50% Of All Display Ads Are Never Seen

Online advertising that’s not viewed is of NO value at all and should come at no cost to your business.

With so many online advertising options it’s challenging to know which is the best platform for your digital campaign not to mention which publisher meets IAB and MRC compliance.  At the same time businesses face the challenge of expanding traditional media budgets to include digital opportunities. Aligning the best digital channels with objectives, assets and campaign expectations are not without challenges but they are essential.

At d.Mark, a hit-the-mark targeted online advertising solution is accomplished through an intimate knowledge of

•  Digital Formats, Technologies & Platforms

•  Inbound Marketing Practices

•  Behavioral Targeting Principals

•  Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

•  Digital Channel Cost Analysis

•  Cost per entry

Managing online advertising campaigns effectively requires depth of knowledge and hands-on, real-world experience with all forms of digital media

•  Display  /  Overlay

•  Audio /  Video

•  Rich Media

•  Social Media

•  PPC / Google AdWords

•  Dynamic Retargeting




What should you do to maximize online digital currency?

Partner with a certified digital marketing agency such as d.Mark that moves the needle by creating online advertising campaigns that work across all digital channels for your business 

Earned – Owned – Paid – and Shared Media

The ultimate goal must be value and utility which allows audiences to engage your brand in the way they want to experience it. Needless to say, as the communication landscape continues to shift, your business needs to constantly monitor how audiences relate and respond to your brand’s online advertising efforts.

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Online Advertising | Digital Marketing Agency | d.Mark consulting LLC | 8 Ways To Expand Your Search Marketing Practice Online Advertising | Digital Marketing Agency | d.Mark consulting LLC |Checklist: What Makes a CTA Awesome? Online Advertising | Digital Marketing Agency | d.Mark consulting LLC | Hidden Costs of Multiple Marketing Tools



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