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Digital Marketing Performance Management Agency


One of few certified digital marketing agencies in Wisconsin with Performance Management focus

What does that mean to you?


d.Mark recognize all businesses are not alike. Even companies residing in the same industry often have dramatically different objectives, needs and business goals. ROI expectations – not to mention budget parameters – run the gamut. With 20 years digital marketing experience, our depth of knowledge has taught us there is no one size fits all professional service package.

Scope of service dictates the indicated professional service package and more often than not the solution is approached as customized verses standard rate. When customizing professional services packages, d.Mark follows a multi-step, ROI needs analysis methodology to determine the best starting point suite.

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d.Mark Package Suites


Content Marketing Professional Services


Content must be of relevance to the reader. The difference with content marketing today verses years past is a shift from individual keywords to that of concepts. Effective online media creates content based on audience personas and SEO based keyword phrases. Content development based on identified personas encompasses website pages, blog posts, persona development, content strategy consultation, eBooks, workflow, eMails, white papers, feature length articles.


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Ala Carte Service Suite


To meet your company’s specific business needs and goals the Ala Carte Service Suite has custom digital marketing professional services selected from Consulting Services, Introductory Managed Services and/or Premium Managed Service Suites.


Consulting Services Suite


Digital Marketing Consultative Services Suite provides consultation for best practices, goal setting, buyer persona development & multi-channel strategic planning. Digital strategies are accomplished thru monthly/bi-monthly conference. Primary reporting utilized includes…


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Introductory Managed Service Suite


Utilizing Act-On marketing automation software there are no related licensing fees. Despite software use commitment, package is designed with flexibility to choose month-to-month managed services with annual pricing incentive.  Functionality provides inbound, outbound, and advanced marketing automation capabilities. Introductory Managed Service Suite delivers results to those businesses that want to outsource their full digital marketing performance management…

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Premium Managed Service Suite


Suite includes Consulting Service and Introductory Managed Services Suite deliverables additionally utilizing lead generation, nurturing & scoring functionality within the platform that includes…


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