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Keep Up or Get Out

SEO – that dreaded word that makes marketers cringe



Its human nature to LOVE and EMBRACE change, right? Not really, at least not for most of us and the ongoing changes inherent with SEO hardly elicits enthusiasm from anyone.  But without SEO website traffic decreases and your business’ market share of searchers goes down proportionately.

And where will they go?

To your competitor’s site instead

Search engines are extremely invested in providing the best, most relevant organic search results – EVERY time. If a searcher queries black suede boots they expect to arrive at a page with black suede boots – not a page with a variety of boots. So if you’re selling boots your long tail keywords need to be just that – longer than “boots”. 

Keyword analysis is a strategy and understanding of the consumer’s intent as it relates to your product or service is essential. The basics for on-page SEO is gap analysis and creating content that’s natural language featuring targeted keywords.

Search engines look at websites for specific information and identify long-tail keyword variations considering those as authorities. The others that largely repeat standard, generic industry keywords – are not.


Website content can’t be about what you want people to hear. It’s about developing content based on what people want to consume and weaving your message into that.

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There’s Black Hat and White Hat SEO


White Hat SEO refers to strategies that focus on the human audience over search engine rules. Shortcuts and black hat SEO tactics of gaming the system are obsolete. If content’s not created with the searcher in mind first and foremost you’ll not only show up lower on the page, you’ll be penalized and bumped deeper in the search pages.

The d.Mark 4-Step White Hat SEO Methodology:


1.  Research the best keywords for your industry using the available keyword planner tools

2.  Write compelling, relevant content related to the keywords you feel searchers will use for your product or service

3. Follow industry best practices when formatting the content for each page 

4. Stay on top of search behavior changes, freshen content to your site regularly and shift strategies when analysis dictates

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