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d.Mark consulting is committed to helping businesses develop and execute digital marketing plans that complement their strategic visions and provide measurable results using our inbound marketing knowledge and expertise in conjunction with traditional media – outbound marketing – experience.

As an Act-On Agency Partner and Inbound Certified through Hubspot, d.Mark measures digital performance utilizing marketing automation cloud technology. All online marketing efforts – including email, web, mobile and social marketing – are managed from one single platform and seamlessly integrates with CRM so sales teams have access to marketing performance as it relates to their customers and prospective customers.

d.Mark Services at a Glance How You Benefit



Social Marketing Align your social media strategies and tactics with your channels, so messaging is amplified and branding is consistently reinforced wherever prospects may find you



Mobile Marketing Cross-channel promotion in the emerging mobile market positions your company with a solid foundation to capture new consumers based on evolving mobile device behaviors



Email Marketing Email engines should be intuitive, powerful and robust to create, test, deploy, measure, target, personalize, trigger, nurture and score customers and prospective customers level of engagement with your brand’s product or service



Website Visitor Tracking Learn who is visiting your website and why – including where they came from, what pages they’ve visited and what information they’ve consumed – so you can optimize your strategies, messages and campaigns



Analytics & Reports Real-time campaign results and deeper-dive analysis help you make informed decisions, from small campaign tweaks to business-critical course corrections



Landing Pages & Web Forms From email and social media campaigns to display ad and QR codes, d.Mark creates campaign continuity with professional pages and forms building and deploying for a significant conversion boost



SEO / SEM Optimized organic search capabilities maximizing website traffic with higher search engine ranking (SERP) with Google AdWords integration and performance management



Automated Programs Strategic campaigns are set to run at the right cadence and frequency automatically. Automation removes repetition, reduces error and increases efficiency so you have more time to manage all the new leads you’re getting



CRM Integration Easily manage lists, run targeted campaigns, and keep the funnel full, all without tapping your IT resources. Turnkey integration with the most popular CRM systems – Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, and more – keeps sales and marketing aligned



Lead Scoring Two words: Increased revenue. Lead scoring dramatically increases your ability to engage prospects, qualify leads, and pursue those who are sales-ready



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Contact us for a NO-cost, NO-obligation Digital Performance Assessment and SEO report of your company website page | 920.265.2632


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