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Politician Email Marketing Incompetence

For political junkies (like myself) – the eagerly awaited ramp up for another presidential election cycle has finally arrived. The remaining 99.99% of the voter populous don’t share this enthusiasm. Political junky or not, it’s no secret to experienced digital practitioners that Republicans have been slow…

5 Email Marketing Mistakes That Make Me Cringe

So you have a digital marketing strategy which includes an e-newsletter. Great! Aside from tracking the number of times a message is opened, how is content engagement measured? Is the message static and not at all interactive, marginally interactive or dynamic? I’m surprised by the…

Digital Body Language – Email Marketing

For Email Marketing to be successful it must more than inform – it MUST engage We receive countless emails everyday – some are welcome, many more are not. All have the same theme – providing information. But providing information shouldn’t be the number one goal of…

Secret To Getting Your Email Read

I just received a report from my email provider that I sent 1,352 emails from August thru December 2014. In that same time-frame I received in excess of 10,100 messages!   That’s just the last 5 months of 2014! Needless to say a substantial number…

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