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Data Driven Marketers are Watching You (Part 3 of 3) The field of marketing has always been dynamic – changing continually and quickly but in the last decade marketing has become increasingly fluid, fragmented and all the more competitive (thanks in no small part to…

Online Tracking That Cramps My Style

Data Driven Marketers Are Watching You – Part 2   We all like personalization. It’s the culture we live in and what we’ve come to expect – yet overall consumers don’t appreciate reminders that their digital behavior is being tracked. We’re aware of it. Most…

Data-Driven Marketers Are Watching You

Given the inundation of an average 300-700 marketing messages consumers receive each day, it’s shocking that marketing as a business function really only emerged little more than 100 years ago. It’s true. Compared to other business areas of the economy, marketing is a rather young discipline…

Marketing Automation 101

Revenue Management First things first. A reputable, experienced digital agency will ask these questions before proposing a marketing automation solution for your company:   •  How does a digital (online) presence play a role in achieving your company’s revenue goals? •  How does your digital channels generate qualified…

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