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Retargeting Ads – Don’t Cyber Stalk Me!

Although I recognize the immense value of retargeting and behavioral marketing, I can’t help but feel from time to time that I’m being cyber stalked. Just because I visit your website once doesn’t give you permission to stalk me throughout the web, mobile, Facebook or…

Killer Calls To Action

If you were to yell FIRE in a room filled with people, that’s a CALL that would get some pretty serious ACTION. And, all in one word. I’m guessing (totally guessing) that’s what inspired the phrase Killer Call to Action. If you didn’t show ACTION to…

Toilet Ads?

Whose Idea Was Public Restroom Ads? The marketing world has become so desperate that no place is off limits for marketing messages   We’re force fed advertising messages on a daily basis ad nauseam. Billboards along a highly trafficked highway will be viewed (theoretically) by…

Digital Ecosystem Snake Oil

Navigating the online advertising landscape is increasingly complex. Today digital is described as an “ecosystem,” a definition that attempts to capture the living, breathing, evolving superstructure of websites & users, how they connect & why. The proliferation of multi- and cross-channel marketing coalesced with limited…

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