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3 SEO Falsehoods Someone Tried To Sell Me

One constant in the digital ecosystem is constant change. Digital strategists must commit to a constant state of learning to stay effective amidst fluidity. Self-study goes without say but seminars, conferences and workshops capture my attention most because it’s an opportunity to learn and interact…

SEO – Keep Up Or Get Out

Its human nature to LOVE and EMBRACE change, right? Not really, at least not for most of us. And the ongoing changes inherent with SEO hardly elicits enthusiasm from those in the digital industry, unless of course you’re one of the geeks coming up with…

SEO IS Marketing

As a marketer or business owner why should you care about search engine optimization (SEO) and your ranking in search engines? Because if you’re not ranked high your customers and prospective customers can’t find you so what’s the point in having a website and spending…

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