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The Greatest Marketing Asset Is Your Website

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Automating repetitive tasks relating to SEO, social media, Email campaigns, and content marketing is the first step to optimizing your website. Thru the use of automated technology not only are manual tasks eliminated saving time, money and errors, the software takes analysis to far greater depths serving as a website prospector.


Optimized visitor tracking is very different from most analytic programs such as Google Analytics which simply aggregate website performance data and trends over time. Tracking with marketing automation technology provides granular data that reports on actual companies and individuals visiting your website.



How does it work?


Once a site visitor takes action, such as clicking on an email or filling out a website form to download content from your site, the true power of automation is realized by turning that visitor from anonymous into known.



Visitors who have yet to become known but behave as very hot prospects are identified through reverse IP look-up. Your team can research the possibilities by company name even if they don’t have the visitor’s name.


Forms and landing pages are another fundamental components of website optimization. Together they drive engagement and guide visitors to the most relevant content on your site.  The software then identifies qualified interest allowing parameters to be set that segment visitors thereby delivering the most relevant information and positive experience with your company website. Marketing efforts are improved by targeting campaigns that segment rather than blast the same message to everyone.


Easily 50% of those visiting your site are not yet “sales-ready”


But marketing automation nurtures those to increase sales qualified leads. Building trust and fostering relationships with qualified prospects, regardless of their stage in the buyer’s journey is a key element to surfacing quality leads for your sales team. That’s optimization.

And with 9 out of 10 people visiting your website before ever contacting you, those are potential customers you’d otherwise never know about. Actionable intelligence about unique potential buyers can make or break your business.


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